Guideline for "Advertising in compliance with trademark law"
How to design advertising material
Five guidelines for "trademark-oriented advertising"
The brands Alpro, Betula, Birkenstock, Birkis, Birko Orthopädie, Footprints, Papillio and Tatami pay very close
attention to being accurately presented in the media and in advertising.

This is based not only on "casual" licensing agreements between the particular companies. In order to protect
the registered trademarks in the long run, they are legally bound to inflict a penalty on trademark infractions
as well as advertising which distorts competition or deceives consumers. This sounds harsher than it is: first and
foremost it serves to clearly distinguish the brands from each other which - in the long run - is an advantage
for the speciality footwear trade.

Therefore each of the brands has drawn up their own CI guidelines (CI = Corporate Identity). These are to be
heeded, because each brands has established its own standards. You can find the CI guidelines also here on
Public Photos, in the catalogue "LuL" under "Guidelines".

Following are for a start a few general guidelines on how to be sure that, in the future, trademark-infringing
advertising is a thing of the past.
1. Basic preparation
It is best to clear all advertising measures with the respective brands. This has the advantage of being able to
properly plan right from the start of the campaign and to accurately implement your ideas.

Your respective brand representatives are happy to advise you. They know how to design advertising material
and consult our advertising specialists from the departments Graphics, Editing and Web Design upon request.
2. Use of logos
Only original brand logos must be used!
In order to professionally design your advertising material, our brands are happy to supply you with printable
original logos. You can find them on Public Photos. The professionals from our respective advertising depart-
ments assist you with this as well. Please note that you are on no account permitted to modify the
logos either in colour or proportion.
3. Presentation of logos
No logo must be placed above another logo to emphasize it!

Even if this would seem attractive due to a particular brand´s high profile: For example, you must not present
the Birkenstock-logo larger than any of the other logos. All brands are represented by their individual logo and
must be placed side by side on equal footing and in due proportion.

Further information about the correct presentation of each brand logo can be found in the CI guidelines of
each respective brand.
4. Brand separation
Brand separation needs to be adhered to by all means!

In your advertising make sure not to present a mix of brands on a single page. In the case of one-sided
printed material, please ensure correct allocation of logos and sufficient space between the individual items
by different brands.

Each brand has defined its own so called “logo protection zone”. You can find the information in the
CI guidelines of the respective brand.
5. Internet presentation
As a matter of principle all brands must be informed of your internet presentation in advance!

Your URL must not contain brand names, not even in a modified fashion (e.g.,,

The brands reserve the right to forbid the internet presentation of their products should trademark rights be
infringed upon.

Basically, your internet presentation needs to comply with the same guidelines as printed handouts, ads and
brochures: only original logos, no modifications to logos, no emphasizing of a particular logo, clear brand

If you are not sure about the design of your advertising, please contact us; our legal and advertising specialists
are happy to help you!
Your ideas - professionally looked after and implemented
It is much easier and faster when you carry out your advertising campaign with the help of the L+L advertising
team. We give you advice with respect to graphic and textual design of your print and online advertising, we
design and print posters and banners for your shop, we jointly set up your website.

And what´s best: You don`t have to contact the brands or think about whether or not your advertising is in
compliance with trademark legislation - we take care of this for you and make sure all guidelines are adhered
to in full.

And our pricing is very competitive - only a fraction of the cost other advertising agencies demand for
payment: We charge per man-hour 39,50 € plus 19 % V.A.T. (if applicable) Posters/banners are charged
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Each project is calculated on a 15-minute timetable; this way you maintain full cost control.

Very easy: You decide what you want, we put it into action! Talk to us, we are happy to give you advice.

Your contact person at the L+L Advertising Department is Sandra Ziemons.
You can reach her at: (+49) 2645 942-687 or